My new story

Hi everyone,

David on rock 5I am SO excited about my new story! It may be one of the funniest I’ve ever done and I cannot wait to show it to editors. They will be so overwhelmed by it that they won’t even let me e-mail it to them. They’ll rent a plane and fly to Springfield to shake my hand and personally accept the story from me. I’m telling you, it’s that funny!

The idea came between Christmas and New Year as Sandy and I drove south on Highway 65 to Branson with Jeff and Jennifer to spend a couple of nights at The Wilderness Club at Big Cedar.

We were talking about this and that when a chance remark got me thinking about this really, really funny situation for a story and right away we were all tossing out ideas to make it better and better! The statement that set the whole thing in motion came from Jennifer so I’ve already promised to dedicate this masterpiece to her, my daughter-in-law, Jennifer Jackson Harrison.

One thing I still need to do is come up with a title. I’m not good with titles but this story, this amazing story, deserves a perfect title so I’ll work extra hard on this one.

There’s one other thing too. I haven’t exactly finished the story yet. Okay, I haven’t really started it. Okay, I don’t actually know how it will go. Or what the characters will be. Or who will be telling the story. For that matter I don’t have a specific setting yet either. And there are some seriously challenging elements in our car-talk version of the idea that remain to be settled.

What we have here is a perfect example of what can happen when an author falls in love with an idea and can just see the finished product in all its glory, written better than anything he has ever done before, while all who see it laugh till tears of joy stream down their cheeks.

This is a moment I live for. I am sitting on an idea that is perfect in my mind. Not one detail of the story is clear but I love it anyway.

Now it’s up to me. All I have to do is get it right. All I have to do is make the actual writing as good on paper as it already is in my head.

Chances are I will fail. I almost always fail. If I could graph the process, the bar on the left is the idea, standing pure, tall, and shining in the sun, a lofty goal of 100% perfect. The bar on the right is my effort to match the height of perfection that I aspire to reach. Through draft after draft I will hope to pass the 50% mark, the 65%, the 80%. I’ll see the top.

Can I get there? This climb is the agony that we all face. It’s the difference between people with good ideas and people holding books in their hands. I don’t know exactly how close to the top one has to reach, but I know it’s where failure lies in wait. The last few percentage points come much harder than those at the bottom of the bar.

But this time I’m going to do it! This is the time I will stand on the summit of my imagination and wave my manuscript in triumph! Editors, the line forms on the right. But dress warmly. It’s cold outside and I haven’t started the first draft.


22 comments on “My new story

    • Good morning, Dear Pat! We’ve all been there, haven’t we? This time I’m going to reach perfection. It’s my New Year’s resolution!

    • Good morning to you way over there in Italy! Renee, I appreciate your comment. Anyone who has ever struggled to find the right words understands the euphoria mixed with trepidation that push and pull the writer at the same time.

  1. I love this. The view from the top is exhilarating, don’t you think? I’m with you…I have to blame it on New Year’s euphoria. Thanks for the laugh!

    • Liana, if I ever get to the top, I’ll take pictures, that’s for sure! You’re welcome for the laugh. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh my, I started reading hoping you would give us a hint & then, & then, you haven’t written it yet! I was feeling like ‘this is how real writers do it, they whip out a story between Christmas & New Year’s!’ You really had me, David! I guess I should laugh, but now I hear your lesson, too. I took a terrific picture from which I want to create a story-so far, only the picture! You’re the nudge I needed, so best wishes from me to get started! Thanks!

    • Thank you, dear Linda. I’m glad if this works as a prompt to get going. Let’s hope I take my own medicine before the excitement of the idea fades.

    • Wow! Bridget, have a pre-order in hand is going to put this story over the moon! You hear that, editors? I have a pre-order!

  3. Well you held me from the first sentence. I scrolled for you, grazed the paragraphs, paused at the punctuation, cozied into your craft. How did you do that, practiced wizard?
    Jeanne Poland

    • Thank you, Jeanne. I always appreciate your comments. In this case about all I had to do was describe the way I always feel when I’m incubating a notion in my noggin and knowing, already, that no matter how I try some part of the perfect vision will fall off or get bruised or lose some scales or feathers in the process of getting it all out onto paper.

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