My Word of the Month poem for January

Hi everyone,

I’m going to be in another of those inevitable jams soon so I may not be able to contribute an original poem inspired by our word: FIRST. I’ll do my best but in case I fail, here’s one from CONNECTING DOTS that I felt like sharing again. I’m not sure if this one has been posted previously or not.


Meeting Jule
David L. Harrison

Mom holds the baby,
we listen to agency talk.
Dad’s quiet.

Mom hands him the little girl.
I’ve never seen him hold a baby,
didn’t know he knew how.
After a while it’s my turn.

She’s so small!
Pretty little dimpled hands,
miniature fingers hold my own,
eyes blue as a porcelain doll’s
blink at me.

She stretches,
yawns with her whole face,
tiny lids slide shut
like delicate window shades.

Talk goes on, but what’s to say?
She’s picked out her big brother,
I hold my sleepy sister in my arms.

13 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for January

  1. Sorry I missed your posting, David. Since both my children are adopted, I’ve ‘been there’ at first meeting. It’s a moment forever in my memory when I first met those who would be my children. I love the way you turned it around for the baby choosing too.

    • Dear Linda,
      I’ll always remember that moment too. It was such a special feeling that cemented for all time our relationship. I’m glad that you enjoyed the poem.

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