Hi everyone,

What are your thoughts about using PowerPoint or equivalent when making a presentation? I’ve been struggling with a one-hour talk using PowerPoint slides off and on for the last week or two. Every time I think I have it the way I want it, I rethink and change a lot of what I’ve done.

I rarely get this structured. My mind tends to freewheel a bit when I’m in front of an audience, which is both good and bad. Once in a while I probably wander too far but I feel at home speaking from a few notes. Points get covered but maybe not in the same way or order that I would if I gave the same presentation a second time.

On the other hand, I sometimes fail to make a point that I meant to because I didn’t have a specific framework in front of me. So I can see the benefit of being organized as long as I don’t get off track and struggle to find my way back to the main theme. Using PowerPoint slides seems like a good way to go but I do worry about sounding too stiff and formal, which is not my style at all.

Worry worry worry. Any ideas on the subject?