Children’s Literature Festival

Hi everyone,

I’m eager to go to Warrensburg, Missouri on the 16th of this month for the annual Children’s Literature Festival. Thousands of students and adults will be there to meet some of their favorite authors and artists and we’ll all enjoy the opportunity to be together. Here’s a link for more information. .

I always look forward to this festival. A lot of old pals will be on the program and each year I make new friends. Of all the things an author gets to do, meeting his audience ranks at the top, both in pleasure and importance. My thanks as always to Naomi Williamson and her incredible crew of volunteers who put on the conference year after year. It’s a beautiful gift to everyone involved.


9 comments on “Children’s Literature Festival

  1. I know you will have fun, David, but this made me sad. My sister-in-law who passed away last year was a huge part of this for a long time. I always benefitted too because she sent so many books my way, and to my children, from this festival! Say hello to Warrensburg for me!

    • I’m sorry about the sad note, Linda. So many good people have given the festival years of service. Both original founders are gone now but we still talk about them and keep their memories alive.

      • Thanks again, David. I appreciate your words. I heard about this particular festival so many times, and often wondered why our big city of Denver had nothing similar. Have a fabulous time, & I’m sure the audience will love seeing and hearing you!

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