The day before

Hi everyone,

I always wonder, on the day before, if I’m ready. Do I have the right clothes packed? Are my notes in order? Have I got it right? Is my timing okay? Do I need to go over everything one more time?
David on stage

So many questions run through my mind on the day before. What if my plane is late and I miss connections? That happened once when I went to Rutgers. I finally arrived at 7:30 a.m., after being up all night, to start speaking at 9:00. What if my luggage is lost? That’s happened too. What do I need to carry in my computer case as a minimum to get by?

I wonder if I’ve read all the correspondence, followed all the requirements, filled out all the forms, made all the arrangments.

Am I ready? I always wonder.

What I DO know is that I love the rush, the anticipation of meeting new people, sharing information, the challenge of standing before an audience and giving my version of the truth. Bring ’em on!