Second version stinks too

Hi everyone,

I revised the first version. As I like to say, revising is something you do with a meat cleaver. Rewriting is done with a shoeshine rag. The second version was no better than the first.

I’m now starting over, coming at the story from a different point of view. So far it’s better. We’ll see.

Today is my birthday. I’ve been getting a lot of lovely wishes on Facebook and I thank everyone for them. Tonight we’re grilling steak and adding baked potatoes, salad, and rolls. Chocolate cake for dessert, of course! Tomorrow it’s on the road again. This afternoon I may try again to catch a fish.

This year’s version of March Madness starts next week. I’ll be in Warrensburg at the Children’s Literature Festival when I get my first word. Whether I survive the first round remains to be seen but I’ll explain to the kids I see all day on Monday and Tuesday about the poetry contest and try to get the teachers on board to generate interest among their students. The timing isn’t good for my writing effort but it’s wonderful for exciting students about poetry!

20 comments on “Second version stinks too

  1. Hi David,
    It’s nice to hear you stink! I’ve had a PB in the works for two years. Blew off the dust yesterday and thought UGH! What do I do with this? The story in my head is FABULOUS! Blech. This writing gig is hard.

    I think it’s GREAT you’ll be on the road for the first March Madness round – what a way to get kids and teachers excited and involved. Have you scoped out the competition? Should we start the trash talking? 🙂

    • Greetings, Renee!
      At least we’re suffering together. That helps. Kids need to understand that adults struggle with their writing too! Maybe I’ll get the kids at the festival to work on my poem for me. Shhh. Not a word to Ed.

    • Good morning to you, Deborah. I sure hope this story paves the way somewhere good! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    • I’ll ask my M.O.W., Jeanne, but I’m pretty sure you’re right about getting my piggies kissed. I loved your post. Thanks!

  2. The third times the charm, David (or in my case, often the 53rd time.) I had a couple of school visits last year during March Madness, and showed the bracket and shared a poem–the kids were very into the idea of the competition and were excited to go back to their classroom to vote. (Unfortunately they discovered that only one vote could count from the school, since it was a single IP address. But this year your fans can sign up as a classroom.)
    Happy Birthday!

    • Thanks, Buffy. I think Ed said that 1,000 kids or so are signed up to vote this year. Good for him. It should be a great experience for the students.

  3. I hope the chocolate cake was scrumptious and made the story taste even better, David. Good luck next week at the festival and during the MM competition. Perhaps a fast deadline will push you onto your A game – no problem. I’ll watch for you!

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