March Madness off and running

Hi everyone,

Last night the first round of words was posted for the poets involved in this year’s March Madness event. I drew “whatever”. I started thinking and making notes before I went to bed and have been at it again this morning. Some progress, I think.

Best wishes to everyone involved. I look forward to seeing all the poems that will be created during the contest.

Meanwhile, it’s time for me to finish dressing and get back to campus for the second day of the Childrens Literaure Festival.


11 comments on “March Madness off and running

    • Thank you, dear Renee. I did have fun with it and just now sent it to Ed. I’m not even sure when voting begins. Being a newbie, there is so much to learn!

  1. Well, David, I nominated you, so won’t be far away as I see you unfold. Know you’ll discern, fluff up the plot, fashion it to be elegant; in short, the opposite of “whatever’!

    • Good morning, Jeanne! Whether I survive Round One or not, I’ve already had some fun. We shall see what we shall see.

  2. Best wishes David, I too can’t wait to see all the poems. I received my word too-oh boy, slurred-my mind was racing around last night, “slurring”. Ha! Have fun today!

    • Hi, Linda, and good luck with your slurring problem! I see, now, why so many sign up for March Madness. It’s unique!

  3. I’m sure you’ll do fine, David – like Renee, I thought that word would be a good one for you! And you HAVE to move on past Round One…how else are we going to have that awesome David vs. Matt Championship Final I’m looking forward to??

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