Time to vote

BULLETIN: Polls close at 8:30. I’ve been trailing Bonnie all day but at the moment I’ve edged ahead by a few votes. It has been a fun race!

Hi everyone,

If you are into reading the poems posted in March Madness, here’s the link to my first round effort. At the moment my worthy opponent, Bonnie Bailey, is whuppin’ up on me. http://www.thinkkidthink.com/4-whatever-vs-13-auxiliary/ . There are still a few hours to go.

10 comments on “Time to vote

    • Thank you, Linda, and good luck with yours. I’ll check it out. At the moment I’m getting my head handed to me so I hope you do better!

  1. Voted. And I voted for your poem. Not because I love you (I do, Mr. H for all you do for children and reading!)) but because I loved your poem best.


    • Thanks, Kathy. Looks like I need a lot of luck. I just posted a note in the comments about the bully Bonnie Bailey.

  2. Wow, I just checked, and you’re both neck-and-neck with only one vote separating you! You & Jane both got my vote…although we might not get that big final throwdown I was looking forward to, as Buffy leads me by about 60 votes! (She had a great poem, I admit!)

    • Matt, by now you may know that I lost the popular vote to Bonnie by one vote and the classroom set by five votes. The other poets gave me 84% of their support but you have to win in two categories so the win goes to Bonnie. I haven’t checked your numbers yet today but I wish you well and hope that you can carry the other two categories in your race!

      • Thanks, David…sorry to hear about your loss, but it was a well-fought battle! At least now you don’t have to deal with the pressure you’d surely feel having to go up against Yours Truly in the final. 😉 Have a good weekend!

      • You saw right through me, Matt. Actually, I threw the game so I wouldn’t have to face you!

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