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Hi everyone,

Congratulations to Bonnie Bailey who knocked me out in the first round of this year’s March Madness. I lost the general vote, 171-172 when Bonnie made up a 22 point deficit in the last eighteen minutes, won the vote by other poets who are involved this year, 41-8, and lost the classroom vote, 6-11. Bonnie’s goats on cleats beat my “whatever.” It was an exciting event and I thank all of you who supported me throughout the day. Bravo to Ed DeCaria for leading this annual game that gives poets a chance to play among ourselves. It’s a unique opportunity and I encourage everyone to continue watching the results as other pairs of poets compete to see who goes on to the next round.

Here are two events you are going to like if you live in the Springfield area. Thanks to Kathleen O’Dell, Community Relations Director for Springfield-Greene County Library District. Here’s what Kathleen writes:

Pam Flowers: ALONE ACROSS THE ARCTIC. Author and adventurer Pam Flowers tells the unforgettable story of her 2,500-mile, solo Arctic expedition with eight sled dogs from Barrow, Alaska, to the hostile wilderness of eastern Canada.

Flowers has worked with dogs for 32 years, and shows her love and respect for them in her books including “Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships,” a collection of 11 positive stories about dogs’ loyalty, courage, perseverance and trust; and “Hiking The Appalachian Trail,” about her trek with her dog Ellie along the 2,174-mile Appalachian Trail. Her Big Read talk is based on her book “Alone Across the Arctic: One Woman’s Epic Journey by Dog Team.”

Pam Flowers is a registered respiratory therapist and public speaker. She is the 14th recipient of the Gold Medal from the Society of Woman Geographers, following in the footsteps of Amelia Earhart, Margaret Mead and Jane Goodall.
She was named Outsider of the Year by Outside Magazine, and has participated in nine arctic expeditions.

Pam will sign and sell copies of her books after the talk.
Wednesday, April 2, 7 p.m. For all ages
Library Center auditorium 4653 S. Campbell Ave.

Also, Bruce Cameron is coming at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 10, to the Library Center for “Come. Sit. Stay. An Evening with Bruce Cameron.” From “A Dog’s Purpose” to “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” Bruce brings best-selling humor to the world of dogs, dads and teenage daughters. “A Dog’s Purpose” and the sequel, “A Dog’s Journey,” were New York Times best-sellers. He has won numerous writing awards including Best Humor Columnist. His visit is funded by The Library Foundation, and is part of the Library’s Big Read, which this year features the Jack London classic, “The Call of the Wild.”

My thanks to Kathleen for the information and to The Library Foundation for bringing such a good program to Springfield!

14 comments on “Check this out at the library

    • Oh I’m sorry about the food poisoning! After the way I skipped out after dinner the other night to work on the poem, I didn’t deserve your vote, Veda!! (:> By the way, you did look very nice.

    • It’s worth a lot, Jane. Thank you very much. And, for what it’s worth, I voted for your poem for the same reason.

    • Thank you, Michelle. That’s what makes a race but it’s a little more fun when the bigger number is on your side of the ledger. It’s all in fun, though, and provides a nice playground for poets.

    • Thank you, Dear Cory. I just learned that I lost in the last 17 seconds when Bonnie added five votes. That’s pretty close!

  1. Hi David: Bummer about the loss, but as always you were gracious, thoughtful and kind in your response. You set a wonderful example for poets of all ages. Thanks!

  2. As I mentioned on facebook, David, I loved your poem and the reaction I got when I read it aloud–and voted for it because I thought it was the better poem. I’m sorry you won’t be in the next round but I hope you’ll share your “whatever” poem with older elementary or middle-school kids. I can just imagine an auditorium-full of kids acting this one out!

    • Buffy, thank you again. I do intend to play with the poem among older students at schools and festivals to come. I think it will generate a lot of humor.

  3. I lost by some few, too, David, and sorry about yours. It was my favorite too, spot-on as some say. It was great of you to give it a go. The evening with David Cameron will be a good one-sorry it’s too far away! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Boo hoo for us, Linda. But didn’t we have a fine time! You have a good weekend too. I’m nearly over my sobbing now.

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