Thank you, Larry Rosler

Hi everyone,

This marks the last week in his office at Boyds Mills Press for my friend and long time editor, Larry Rosler.

I’m not sure when we met but it would have been early in my relationship with the folks in Honesdale, probably in 1991 or so. I do remember the first of our sixteen books together. WHEN COWS COME HOME was inspired by a Gary Larson cartoon on my desk calendar. I loved the humor and was instantly taken by the possibility for a book about zany tricks that cows might play behind our backs. Larry liked it too and that was the beginning of a long, cordial relationship. Our most recent collaboration was COWBOYS. Here is the whole list.

2011 Cowboys
2010 Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones
2007 Piggy Wiglet (redone and reissued)
2006 Glaciers, Nature’s Icy Caps
2005 Farmer’s Dog Goes to the Forest
2005 Mountains, The Tops of the World
2004 Earthquakes, Earth’s Mightiest Moments
2003 Oceans, The Vast, Mysterious Deep
2002 Rivers, Nature’s Wondrous Waterways
2002 Volcanoes, Nature’s Incredible Fireworks
2002 Dylan the Eagle-Hearted Chicken
2001 Caves, Mysteries Beneath Our Feet
2001 The Book of Giant Stories (reissued)
2000 Farmer’s Garden
1997 The Animals’ Song
1994 When Cows Come Home

I don’t know what Larry plans to do in his retirement. He’s just a kid so I can’t imagine him being overtaken by the rocking chair anytime soon!

I thought today would be a good opportunity to say goodbye (at his office address) and to say, “Thank you, Larry, for everything. Others should be as lucky as I have been.”