Byron Biggers Band

Hi everyone,

Thanks (?) to Jana Bachus who, among other things, serves the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools as its Executive Director, the fabled Byron Biggers Band is now on YouTube!

During the Reading Roundup book fair at Barnes & Noble this past Saturday, Jana, who also serves as chair of Reading Roundup, took pictures of our group performing. If you think you’re strong enough, here’s the link. You’ve been warned. This is serious music!

A reminder that the book fair extends through May 1 and a percentage of store sales during the fair goes to support Reading Roundup’s goal of funding as many as possible of the grants submitted by our public school librarians to buy needed materials for their students.

Baby G

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon, while storm clouds rolled across the region and communities were being devasted by tornadoes, two sets of geese swam around the far side of Goose Lake. Each pair of parents was escorting a single gosling.

I cannot be certain that one of the little ones hatched on our bottom step, but it’s rare to see geese with only one offspring, much less two sets. I think it’s fair to assume that one of the goslings is “ours” and so I’m making the claim.

I don’t anticipate another visit with Mama or Papa G but it was fun having our little chats while they were attending to the responsibilites of bringing Baby G into the exciting world of Goose Lake. It was a privilege. Way to go Mama! No hard feelings, Papa. Have a good life, Baby G!


Reading Roundup Book Fair at Barnes & Noble


Hi everyone,

We had a wonderful event yesterday. I’ll post pictures when I get them but I took this one myself after ordering the drink of the day at the snack bar. Yes, it’s called The Book Worm. What else would you expect in a book store during an event to raise money for books for libraries? I think I ordered the first one of the day, judging from the smiles of the young women who concocted the masterpiece. I ordered two more before the day was over. Yep. That good.

Dozens of families came to the store to enjoy readings by boys and girls from four Springfield elementary schools: Disney, Field, Harrison, and Pershing. Special treats included Bellatones and Brotones (acapella singing groups from Central High School) and Sequiota Singing Sensations from Sequiota Elementary.

My gratitude to Chris Craig and Gale Clithero for joining me in a thirty minute performance of Byron Biggers Band! Jana Bachus swears she recorded us on her phone and intends to put us on YouTube. If that happens, I’ll post the link.

We’re all grateful to Jim Troye and Renee Hunt for hosting us at Barnes & Noble and working so hard to make everything run smoothly. This is an event of the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools so thanks go to Jana Bachus and Natalie Murdock for their perfect orchestration of the day’s events.

So a good time was had by all and I’m sure that we raised some money for Reading Roundup that will help fund requests by school librarians in our public schools.

The event lasts through May 1 so a percent of all sales in the store continue to go the benefit of Reading Roundup. You need to present a free voucher at the register but if you don’t find one, tell the person at the register that you want your purchase to count toward Reading Roundup. A couple of days ago I also showed you how you can order online from the Springfield store to help.

The wait begins

BULLETIN: Yesterday I examined the abandoned nest and found one egg still in it. No bits of shells to indicate that the second gosling hatched so maybe a predator got it. Mama G had moved her nest back a few inches from the waters edge. Maybe she feard that a turtle would reach up out of the water and snatch her eggs. All we can do is wait and hope that one of these evenings we’ll see the parents swimming on Goose Lake with their one offspring paddling along between them.

Hi everyone,

Empty Nest
David L. Harrison

Unmade bed at water’s edge
abandoned in the press of duty,
disarray of feathers ruffling
among the sticks and mud.

When coaxed in dark of night
to step off the ledge and swim,
what fate befell the goslings?

Safely tucked along the shore
in some convenient thicket?

Turtles maintain their patrol.
Hope for success begins.