10 comments on “Thank you, Sandy

    • Okay, Veda, you got me. M.O.W. doesn’t exactly fit her. We just don’t have to tell her everything we know. She’s a good sport though.

  1. David, I missed the festivities yesterday but wanted to say YOU ARE WONDERFUL. It in no marvel that you have a day all to yourself. We are lucky to have you in this community and in the world in general. (I bet even your goose likes you, even though she doesn’t admit it.)

    • Renee, thank you! I’ve been told that it was the largest turnout they’ve had for an exhibit opening. That may not be true, but from now on I’ll tell it as though it was! I’m eager to see the pictures and hope to share a few. Thanks again for your sweet words!

  2. David, How did you get so lucky? Not for having your own day, but it seems every time you have an occasion, the lovely Sandy brings you flowers. She is one amazing woman. I think I need to get flowers for my spouse. (Today 4/4/14 is our 44th Anniversary–a good reason for buying flowers.)

    • Congratulations, Joy. That’s quite a milestone. I hope you followed through with those flowers. I just told Sandy again how much I appreciated the ones she got for me. You know what she said? “You need to water them today while I’m working.” Humph. That’s my M.O.W. for you!

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