A remarkable librarian in Poland

BULLETIN: Tadeusz has sent a note and asked me to post it in the comments, which I’ve done. Thank you, Tadeusz!Polish librarian holding Pirates

Hi everyone,

Let me tell you about Tadeusz Glowinski, a man who loves books. He loves them so much that he has created a library in his home in Oleśnica, Poland, a community of about 37,000. Boyds Mills Press just gave him a book of mine and my number is 9,720.

Here’s a link to this remarkable man’s list of authors. http://glowinski.olesnica.pl/biblioteka/muzeum_ilusrtacji

And here is a note from Teddy himself. How could anyone say no to this man?

Dear David Harrison,

a “little” before I did write to You about my library in Poland.
Now I want to tell You that I have the MAP with flags …

I have for You a pretty photo. Darunia

That girl is my granddaughter Daria, who will be librarian in the future, I think.

GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY has thousands of cordial contacts
with “People of books and arts” on whole the World.
On this map there are places-countries from where I have books for my library or illustrations for “Gallery of World’s Illustrations” at GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY. There are 89 countries !!! I dream about more and more …
That map is in my flat, in my library there is too little place!

Dear Friend, I would like to have in my library also Your book … or illustration (-s) …

Just in time there are circa 8 thousands books on 52 languages !!!!!!!!!!!!!

See please, there is the list of Illustrators in my Gallery:


I wish You beautiful day!

Best Regards from Poland,

Tadeusz Glowinski – librarian volunteer


(I have new website but not good yet)

ul. Waly Jagiellonskie 20
56-400 Olesnica
Poland – Polska

5 comments on “A remarkable librarian in Poland

  1. When I was younger, I collected English men. Now it’s Polish men. Aren’t they distinctly elegant? Look at the red tie and shirt? And the belief in his daughter carrying on the tradition.He knows a gen when he sees it: Pirates!

  2. I’ve received a very lovely note from Tadeusz and he asks that I post it for him so here it is. I told him that this might make my fingers blush to copy such nice words about me, but here goes.

    To All,

    dear Friends, Mr. David L. Harrison is not only very famous writer
    but also the Man with large Heart for books and for GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY,
    I think, I believe.
    I am proud of that I know Mr D.L. Harrison and have his book in my library.
    Thank You very much!
    I am very sorry for my “English”.

    Tadeusz Glowinski /Teddy/ – librarian volunteer from Olesnica, Poland

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