My Word of the Month poem for April

Hi everyone,

Here’s my BLOSSOM poem.

First Kiss
David L. Harrison

Kissed by a bee,
Kissed by a bee!
Of all the blossoms
She chose me!
Called me sugar,
Called me sweet,
Loved my nectar,
Called me a treat!
Happy happy,
Happy me.
Happy day.
Kissed by a bee!

13 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for April

    • Thank you, Renee. I’m glad you like this one. Today the petals are blowing off the cherry tree and spreading a beautiful white blanket over the lawn and drive.

  1. Great persona poem, David.

    To the Blossom

    My oh my,
    you’re one of the pips!
    I can see you now
    with your bee -sting lips.

    With big swollen lips,
    it isn’t bliss.
    Sorry you’re the one
    the bees chose to kiss.

  2. The mossalbs are out, I saw on T.V.
    The redbuds, forsythia and Bradford Pear Tree
    I know it’s spelled blossom and that’s what you see,
    But since I’m dyslexic, it’s mossolb to me. For Jackson, by Anne Cox

  3. Happy words from the sweet blossom, David. Now you have me imagining the bees quarreling over who gets the “best” blossom! We have snow coming today. I’m hoping the blossoms that are out won’t be too swept away!

    • Linda, now that’s a poem for another day, and one that you should compose. I hope you dodge the snow. It’s headed into the 20s here, too, on Monday night. There doesn’t seem to be a letup in sight. Sigh.

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