David Harrison Elementary School

BULLETIN: Thank you, boys and girls of Harrison Elementary! I had a wonderful time being with you. You always make me happy and grateful. What a fantastic way to start my day!!David Harrison Elementary2 307

School with students

Hi everyone,

This morning I have the pleasure of going to David Harrison Elementary School to participate in Career Day. I haven’t been to the school in quite a while so I’m excited about seeing the kids and teachers again. I’ll talk about the life of a writer and answer questions. It should be great fun.
David Harrison Elementary2 282
David Harrison Elementary2 315

Wish you could go with me. It’s a beautiful school with a wonderful principal and staff. If I’m lucky, the kids will perform the school chant for me. I can’t get enough of it.

“Da vid Harr son Hus kies — Ruff Ruff!” Sigh. I can’t wait!