Hooray for Cheryl and Naomi

Hi everyone,

Today is a special day for Cheryl Harness and Naomi Williamson.

At the 2014 Missouri Humanities Awards Lunch, Program, and Ceremony, Cheryl will receive this year’s DISTINGUISHED LITERARY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and Naomi will receive an EXEMPLARY COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.

Naomi directs the annual Children’s Literature Festival on the campus of University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. It’s one of the oldest, largest, and most successful festivals in the nation and annually attracts thousands of students, teachers, and parents.
Cheryl is one of those rare, gifted people who can illustrate and write, both beautifully. She can do about anything but one of her specialties is historical nonfiction. Kids and adults of all ages adore her.
Cheryl Harness, 2

So congratulations, my friends. You earned your recognition many times over. Stand up and take a bow.


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