Poetry Workshop

Hi everyone,

When I first posted the agenda for my poetry workshop in Honesdale the last of Sepember, we quickly had seven or eight people indicate their intention to sign on. Last year we filled the 15-person quota by April or May and it looked as though we were headed that way again this year.

So far that isn’t the case. We’re still well below the maximum I can accept and here we are nearly into June. I look forward to hearing from additional poets who want to take advantage of the inspirational setting at The Barn and to benefit from Skype sessions from Kenn Nesbitt and Jane Yolen. Maybe you know of others who would sign up with you. Last year I think we had seven poets from Illinois. We were afraid they would gang up on the rest of us but they all turned out to be stellar people and talented writers.

Here’s the information. http://www.highlightsfoundation.org/workshops/poetry-for-the-delight-of-it-2014 .


4 comments on “Poetry Workshop

    • Thank you, Matt. We did, do, and will have fun at these workshops. Among other benefits, people form lasting friendships there. My folders are filled with hundreds of notes exchanged among our poets prior to and following their workshop experiences.

  1. I’m a maybe again –still. But am not a poet! Have to check airfares. To where? Buffalo? (BUFFALO? Isn’t that the end of the earth?)

    • Hello, Dear Pat. The nearest airport is Scranton. A Highlights driver picks you up and returns you when the workshop wraps. It’s part of the package.

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