Word of the Month for June

Hi everyone,
It’s June!
Our yard is filled with life and color and growth overflowing.
Just going outside is a treat.
Just BEING is a treat and a promise.
So that’s the word for this month? PROMISE.
If we’ve ever had a word that offered more “promise,” I don’t know what it would have been.

And what about the Theme of the Month, you ask? FULFILLMENT of course!




One comment on “Word of the Month for June

  1. Hi, David and all. K, going with the following this month

    Promise Pledge

    Put your trust in me. I will
    Remember my pledge. I will
    Open my heart to you. I will
    Mention you often
    In my prayers. I will
    Seek ways to honor you
    Each and every day. I promise.

    Dang! All first letters in each line should have been bold. PDF it next time I try that trick.

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