My Word of the Month poem for June

Hi everyone,

I wrote this poem in my dermatologist’s waiting room yesterday afternoon. How’s that for a poetic pause?

Dear Mom and Dad
David L. Harrison

I’ll never ever again be bad,
Lose my temper, scream, get mad,
Always cheerful, never sad,
I promise.

I’ll go to bed at 8:00 each night,
Sis and I will never fight,
My room will be a clean delight,
I promise.

I’ll make my bed and lower the lid,
Apologize for what I did,
From now on I’m a different kid,
I promise.

I’ll do my homework when it’s due,
Never make you fret or stew
Or ask if I were born in a zoo,
I promise.

You’ll never see me at my worst,
You’ll be so proud of me you’ll burst,
I’ll give you this poem on April 1st,
I promise.


15 comments on “My Word of the Month poem for June

  1. Isn’t creativity wonderful? This must have just fallen into place as though it were written in a bubble above your head, like in a cartoon. Adorable! Hope you publish it in a collection. Anne Cox

    • Thank you, Anne. I wrote the last verse in my head between my car and the waiting room. Three more came while I was sitting there. I wrote in the little pad I had in my pocket. I scribbled the rest in the examination room while waiting for the doctor. He came in as I dotted the last line. I won’t say that i couldn’t do better than this, but I couldn’t do much faster.

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