I’m back

Hi everyone,

I needed every minute of the writing break. I finished the chapter late yesterday and sent it off. Maximum acceptable length was 6,000 words including references, books cited, and suggested reading. I began the day with an overweight manuscript of 7,000 words and eliminated 1,000 of them over the course of the day. Getting rid of one word out of every seven was a challenge but the final product was better as a result.

Within minutes of hitting send, I received comments on a poetry manuscript from my editor at another house so today I’ll turn to her suggestions. Deadline for that one is the 17th but I think I can meet it. This is one in a series of three books with a pub date of next July for the IRA conference in St. Louis.

But first I have to clean up some clutter around here. I have books and journals and lists scattered all over the place and they all need to be put back where they came from so I can start over!


6 comments on “I’m back

    • Thanks! How do editors know the precise moment when you’ve just finished something? I think they have a secret network.

    • Thank you, Jeanne. There does come a point when one has to clean up the playpen and put away the toys. I’m making progress!

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