My digital titles

Hi everyone,

I menitoned the other day that PIRATES will be coming out in digital format one of these days. I also have one and maybe two out of print titles that might be returning as e-books sometime fairly soon. These will be added to other titles that are already available to download onto reading devices. If you’d like the list, here it is.

A MONSTER IS COMING (Step Into Reading, Random House)Monster is Coming

JOHNNY APPLESEED, MY STORY (Step Into Reading, Random House) Johnny Appleseed

WAKE UP, SUN! (Step Into Reading, Random House) Wake Up, Sun!

CAVE DETECTIVES (nonficiton, Chronicle) Cave Detectives

GOOSE LAKE (poetry, self-published)GOOSE LAKE, 5

PARTNER POEMS (poetry, teaching strategies, Scholastic)

Our new book

Our new book

CHILDREN EVERYWHERE (nonfiction, Rand McNally) Children Everywhere

That last one was published in 1973. My how time flies!


2 comments on “My digital titles

    • You’re right. I left Hallmark in 1973 to return to Springfield and take over Glenstone Block Company.

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