Finishing one

Hi everyone,

I’ve been in a good groove for the past several weeks and am finishing today a new collection of poems. I hope by the end of the day to send it on its way. My M.O.W. likes it so I’m always glad to get a passing grade from her!

This afternoon I’ll go see Maryann Wakefield in her room at The Maples where she continues to take therapy twice a day on her way to recovery from that fall on her driveway on May 12. Maryann and Larry
Larry is at her side all day seven days a week. Evenings his sister Maridell alternates with his daughter-in-law Lisa to be with her. Maryann is doing well but has a long road ahead. She’s getting there though. We continue to see her improvement from week to week. She is grateful for all the wonderful thoughts, cards, comments, prayers, and wishes. Thanks to all from Maryann and Larry.


2 comments on “Finishing one

    • Thanks, Laura. You’re right about the good feeling. Actually I already have a contract for it. I was just finishing the rest of the collection.

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