The case for a muse

Hi everyone,

Do you have a muse? Someone or some thing that stirs your imagination, stimulates ideas, brings you back again and again to work? Is it possible to have more than one? One of mine that I clearly recognize is Goose Lake. Anyone who follows my blog knows how frequently I talk about the small lake behind our house that provides entertainment and wonder day after day, season into season.

All I need to do is sit for a while beside the lake before I see, hear, or smell something that makes me want to hurry to my work. When I visit kids in schools, I give them writing tips, tricks for getting started, advice on how to revise and rewrite, but I’ve never told them about my writing muse. Hmm. Maybe I should. It’s a hard subject to define or explain. Maybe you call it something else. But what if some of us rely on our muse more than we realize?

Here’s a thought. The Muse Association’s Annual Conference. What would presenters talk about? What might their mission be? What would they think about writers? Anybody want to hazzard an opinion?


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