Mysteries from the deep


Hi everyone,

Goose Lake isn’t very deep. As far as I know you could walk all the way from end to end. A car drove off the road into the lake a couple of years ago and the woman driver died. Her tragic death wasn’t from drowning though. The water didn’t reach the tops of her car seat.

However we do have some huge fish in the lake and now and then one breaks the surface with a dorsal fin that makes you want to yell, “shark!” I never seem to have my camera out at the right time. Here’s a recent effort that gives you a glimpse.


7 comments on “Mysteries from the deep

    • Hi, Penny. Thank you for revisiting Goose Lake. The cardinals are always about and this year we had a pair of blue jays nesting in one of the hackberrys.

    • Thanks, Matt. No rain but we usually witness this toward dusk as the day cools down a bit. Could certainly be a catfish or maybe a carp. They’re both present in the lake.

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