All is well at Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I wrote a new poem for the age 3-7 crowd, submitted it, and received notice of acceptance, so my muse was there when I needed her!

Last night our daughter Robin, son-in-law Tim, grandson Kris, grandson Tyler, and Tyler’s special friend Josie all came over for a pool party with brats, beans, and potato salad. It was a pleasant evening on Goose Lake.

Just before dusk a hummingbird moth flew up to sip nectar from a large cluster of Impatiens growing beside the pool. I took pictures from three fee away as the moth calmly darted from one blossom to another, its two-inch proboscis flicking into one throat after another as it quenched its thirst. IMAG1474


8 comments on “All is well at Goose Lake

  1. That’s a perfect day my friend, even the moth couldn’t resist joining;-)

    Beautiful pics, I like them almost as the snow pictures you once sent me, almost

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