Word of the Month for August

Hi everyone,

Another month, another word to stimulate our imaginations. For August, the word is DOG. The theme will be PETS. I anticipate another month of inspired fun.

Monday after the awards luncheon in Columbia, Missouri, Sandy and I drove to the Kansas City airport and flew to Las Vegas to buy for our gift store at the Gift Market. We’ve shopped for Gamble’s Gifts ( https://gamblesgiftshop.com/store ) in markets in Dallas, New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Kansas City, but this was our first time to the Las Vegas show and we were impressed! The market is housed in three buildings. I didn’t check how many floors two of them had but one had sixteen, and every floor held dozens of showrooms filled with merchandise from all over the world. IMAG1530

We’ve owned the store for thirty years and I’ve been to at least one show every year. Sandy has attended many more than I have. Believe me, it is work! A lot of decisions must be made and many thousands of dollars are spent at each market in the ongoing effort to keep our store’s offerings fresh and appealing. We also see new ways to display and learn more about the products we buy. By the end of each day, all I can think about is bed!

We were impressed by the Las Vegas market, far more so than we expected. Now it’s back to business at home. I started a new picture book story in my head on the planes going and coming and added to it as I drove home from Kansas City last night. Time to start getting something on paper.


One comment on “Word of the Month for August

  1. I have an August poem “dog” Anne Cox Aug., 2014

    Like a shadow, she follows
    behind and beside
    And sometimes she leads the way too.

    For her movements are stealth
    so quiet, yes, mute
    She’s herself, then she,s me, then she’s you.

    So alert, she’s in charge
    she glides with such grace
    On the ground, on the floor, on the stair.

    Such a presence beholding
    the space that she’s in
    She’s a vision, she’s a ghost, but she’s here.

    Sophie, Spirit Dog

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