Pioneer Award DVD link


Hi everyone,

The folks at Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education created a video of each honoree at the Pioneer in Education awards luncheon. Here’s a link to mine, in case you know someone who might be interested.

Condensing a lifetime into a few minutes would be a daunting task. I’m glad it wasn’t mine and am grateful for the job well done. The picture is the award ceremony that followed the DVD. That’s Peter Herschend, President of Missouri State Board of Education, giving me the plaque and Dr. Chris Nicastro, Missouri Commissioner of Education, placing the medallion over my head.

This will remain one of the highlights of my life. My thanks once again to Dr. Norman Ridder, recently former superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, for initiating my nomination. I was honored to be in the foursome that included two outstanding retired teachers (Juanita Peaslee and Marilyn Stewart) and former Missouri Commissioner of Education, Dr. Robert Bartman.


10 comments on “Pioneer Award DVD link

  1. I’m extremely interested, will have to watch while mom’s laptop is here.. Congratulations, you deserve it #Rockstar;-)

    • Greetings, Dear Veda. Maybe in the “second half” I’ll finally learn how to sell e-books. You can teach me a lot!

  2. Thank you, David, for sharing your SPECIAL video. I love it! What an amazing life –and you’re only half done. I am thankful and very blessed to have crossed your path. And the photographs …. simply priceless and oh so precious. WOW!

    • Hello up there in Canada, Cory. Thank you for your sweet words. When I think of you, it often brings back the memory of you on the swing at the Highlights farm, daydreaming and no doubt considering what to write about next.

  3. Although I knew some of your story, I didn’t know all the things you’ve started to support reading and teachers, David. It’s a wonderful piece about you, & I know you must be very proud & pleased. Congratulations again!

    • Linda, thank you very much. They’re going to send me a copy of the DVD in a week or two. I don’t know exactly what to do with it but I know for sure that I will treasure it.

    • Greetings, Joy. I was impressed by the work. Someone knew how to make these. I’m sorry I never learned who it was.

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