Anniversary coming up

Hi everyone,

I need to check but I believe that we started Word of the Month Poetry Challenge in October 2009.

During the five years since, we’ve been entertained by the work of dozens of poets, some highly professional, some just starting up the ladder. All poems have been inspired by a single word.

Many of our contributors have been published since we started. I take no credit for that. I simply rejoice when good things happen to poets who have graced us with their work.

Soon I’ll start digging through the files for names of those who have not come around lately. I want to invite them to revisit W.O.M. and warm up for our anniversary month of October.

If you can help locate some of these “lost” poets, please do. I have high hopes of seeing a record number of poems posted between now and October, culminating with the anniversary month.

Onward and upward, friends!


3 comments on “Anniversary coming up

  1. David, I was one of your first poets to join you in October 2009. I have a copy of your Record of the Word-of-the-Month Poetry Challenge you created for October and November 2009 where it list poets and how many poems they posted. Adult:Mimi Cross October Hall of Fame Poet. Student: Alyssa Kirch. November, Adult Hall of Fame Poet: Liz Korba and Student: Claire (no last name).

    • Thank you, Mary Nida. Mimi still joins us now and then although she hasn’t posted a poem lately. I’ve lost track of Liz. Our student poetry entrees have dropped to nothing since the days of high stakes testing have taken over the classroom. What a pity.

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