Your turn

Hi everyone,

I do most of the talking around here. I suppose I should since it’s my blog. But now and then I feel a need to hear other voices. I frequently tell you where I get my ideas and post the results. But I know that you have your own stories about ideas that produced work that pleased you.

This weekend I hope those of you who have the time and inclination will share some of your most memorable idea sources. If yours led to a poem and you don’t mind sharing it, please do. If it’s a book or series or movie, I hope you’ll describe it.

A lot of wonderful writers touch base here now and then. I’m curious about how other people get started and I imagine that many of our readers will also be interested. Thanks in advance for joining in.



16 comments on “Your turn

  1. As you know and have told us, David, ideas come from everywhere! Many of us find inspiration in nature and by observing people interacting. Sometimes ideas come from misreading or misinterpreting a headline. For example, today’s news said: Julio Expected to Miss Hawaii. I read it as “Miss Hawaii” as in a beauty pageant, and kept looking for what it was that Julio expected of her! I do hope all our Hawaiian friends are safe this storm season.

    • Good morning, Jane. I love these misunderstandings that sometimes lead to surprising creative efforts. I hope your version of “Miss Hawaii” will enter a pageant and win for the windiest.

  2. Poets. writers, find poetry in their lives, both real and unreal.
    We burnish the old, and furnish our mental and emotional rooms with metaphor.
    We hoard experience and turn it’s lead into gold.

      • Sorry you had trouble with previews in Blurb. It could mean you don’t have Flash on your computer. One of my friends in Kentucky couldn’t view them but could 2 months later. Maybe she had an upgrade.

  3. When I was doing more freelance writing, I found ideas in the ad section in newspapers & magazines. In poetry most of the time come from experiences in nature, childhood, and a run away mind. I have problems with too many ideas, so I searched on the internet for an answer on how to stop them, yes I found a how-to-stop article. I read it, filed it and now I can’t find it – so what do I do with a run away mind?

  4. My best selling book, (but not my best book in my opinion) is Kevin Corbett Eats Flies. It happened this way: my then thirteen year old daughter came home from Jr. High one day, plopped her books on the counter and said, in that disgusted tone that only thirteen year old girls can manage, “Mom! Tommy Connors eats flies!” Suddenly, there in one sentence was my story with its winning title. I instantly knew an awful lot about the real life Tommy Connors who became Kevin Corbett.

    • Pat, I LOVE Kevin Corbett Eats Flies. I’m delighted to learn the source of your inspiration. Thanks for sharing the back story.

  5. For poetry. I usually see something. Flowers, trees, animals, sky, or weather connected. An overheard phrase or words, often bring new thoughts.
    For my book in progress, MURDER AT THE AIRPORT, I had a scary incident at an airport and the idea popped into my head to write about it only make it a murder mystery, instead of an unfounded fear. Jumping to conclusions is sometimes more fun.

    • Thank you, Janet. Interesting how a scary incident can grow in a writer’s mind into something even more sinister.

  6. I want to thank you for mentioning the Highlights Workshops in your blogs. It inspired me to look into them. Wow, I attended Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Writing with Eileen, Jerry Spinelle, Donna Jo Napli and Barry Furrow and it was amazing! The people, the setting, and the food were beyond my expectations. Sorry, I wasn’t able to attend your workshop, but I plan to return to Highlights again. Thank you!

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