The 10-hour poem

David as bookends IMAG2753

Hi everyone,

Two days ago I was on the patio early and decided to write about the experience. Yesterday I started the poem shortly after 6:00 a.m. and called it a poem a little after 4:00 p.m. I’m not sure it’s a good poem, but it might be. I know I spent ten hours working on it through ten drafts.

The bad thing is that I had no particular reason to write the poem. It isn’t part of anything I’m currently working on. I essentially fiddled away much of a day on an impulse. I suppose the good thing is that I have a new poem, which may or may not be good, that now exists and didn’t before and would never have if I hadn’t fiddled away a day to make it.

What’s with us anyway? (Don’t answer that if you can’t be nice.) Man, I hope my M.O.W. doesn’t read this!

15 comments on “The 10-hour poem

    • Indeed it was, Melanie. No regrets. But today I MUST get back to the story I meant to work on yesterday. At least I hope I will.

  1. Some of the best poems come to be in that no-pressure-just-for-the-fun-of-it kind of way! Look forward to reading it, David. I love the bookends. They remind me of Mark Twain …

  2. Hey, you’re retired. Do what you want. When the muse comes to visit, welcome her with open arms. The universe is greater than our individual agendas, so just relax and enjoy the fun of being able to play with a poem all day, and being able to work through 10 revisions. How wonderful. Let the ducks quack and the geese honk. Time to rejoice, let the good times roll.
    We really need to get together for a poetry family reunion soon. I’d love to hear you read your poem.

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