Here’s the 10-hour poem

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments and interest yesterday. Here’s the poem I told you about. Joy, I still need to learn how to record my voice and add readings to the blog. I keep putting off the hunt for information.

Same Old Same Old
David L. Harrison

At the edge of consciousness
I hear nothing, till out the window
cries of distant crows break the silence,
peck in the shell of day IMAG1538

a hole large enough
to yawn through,
blink away last night’s dreams,
carry coffee outside.IMAG1299

Day’s volume up,
sights and sounds relearned,
I watch nectar laden blossoms
stir beneath honeyed tongues
as I sort thoughts like file cards,
plan, prioritize, turn again
to where I began,
to you.IMAG1310


12 comments on “Here’s the 10-hour poem

  1. Very nice! I like your imagery here – and like Deb, the last 2 words catch the reader off-guard! (And with all the natural beauty you describe so well, I was also surprised at the file card reference – which almost takes the reader out of the reverie, which I assume was intended?) By the way, for recording purposes, you might consider this place: – not only can you store audio files here (like an audio version of YouTube), but you can also record directly through the site. Just make sure you have a good mic and a quiet, well-padded room!

    • Thanks for the recording information, Matt. I think I need an upgrade before I can access it but I plan to get a new laptop in a couple of months. Yes, the file card reference may seem a bit jarring. I meant it as a transition into the process of waking up and planning the day, only to be returned to thoughts of someone who is always present.

  2. Thank you, David, for sharing this beautiful poem. You have made the Same Old Same Old fresh and new. I love the images and the unexpected ending. I am glad you seized the day.

    • Hi, Dear Cory. I’m glad you like the imagery. The purple blossoms on the bushes on our patio are abuzz with bumblebees and the occasional honeybee and they bob up and down constantly from the landings and departings of the insects.

  3. It’s a love poem, but such images that open it up, David, so you can think through to that ending! I love that your crows peck open the day, a hole large enough to yawn through. It’s lovely.

  4. Been trying to de-clutter my email inbox this weekend and came across this. Beautiful poem, David. I especially love the crows waking you from your reverie with “a hole large enough/to yawn through”… sigh. That alone was worth the 10 hours, IMO.

    • Good morning, Michelle! I’m glad you like the poem. As anyone who frequents my blog knows, I never tire of watching the lake, the yard, and all the creatures who inhabit them. I appreciate your comment.

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