Filing day

Cleaning Office 5

Hi everyone,

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Any questions?


14 comments on “Filing day

  1. Good luck, David! I spent the day yesterday putting order in my kitchen. There were books and papers everywhere. I filed, decluttered, tidied, recycled …What a joy to walk into that space this morning. Watch out OFFICE, here I come.

    • There just comes a time! I keep wondering, if I tossed it all in the trash, how much of it would I ever miss or think I needed.

  2. I’ve been re-ordering my office at school all summer when I find a day. Best of luck. I think filing is one of the toughest jobs. What to write on those little labels confounds me!

  3. I simply call it SURFACE DAY, meaning I have to attack the stuff piled up on surfaces. Sometimes the stuff just ends up on a different surface. But I feel so noble!

    • You got that right, Pat. Noble! That’s exactly the right word. Also, smug.
      Also, clueless about where everything important went or how to ever find it again.

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