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Hi everyone,
Kenn Nesbitt

Jane at Direlton Castle 2010smallDavidHarrisonPosterized
rebecca-davisMy 2014 poetry workshop is fast approaching. Fifty days from today attendees will gather at The Barn near Honesdale on the property of the founders of Highlights to share a special experience. I am eager, as always, to get started. If you plan to go but haven’t registered yet, don’t overlook the date.

Poetry editor Rebecca Davis will be there to tell you what she looks for in an acceptable poetry manuscript. Jane Yolen and Kenn Nesbitt will both appear thanks to the magic of Skype to inspire you, read, and respond to questions. We’ll have our usual fun by firelight in the evenings following days of informal but informative activities discussing and writing poetry.

And the food! They feed us like royalty and snacks are available twenty-four hours a day. A highlight for me is walking in the woods behind the farm, shuffling through scattered leaves beneath a host of trees that let just enough sun reach the forest floor to dapple it with light. The cabins are comfortable and cozy. If you want to be alone with your thoughts for a time, there are opportunities everywhere. I think that one of the best things about these workshops is the fellowship that grows from the experience of working along side others who feel as you do about writing in general and poetry in particular. I’m the teacher but I always learn something new. The exchange of ideas is a major benefit of getting a group of poets together. I hope to see you there.


6 comments on “Workshop coming up

  1. I just made my plane reservations yesterday, David. Excited to return! A blogger friend was there over the weekend & we discovered she is staying in the same cabin I did last year. Small world! It’s a pleasure working with you and the group!

    • How about that, Linda! Small world for sure. It will be good to work together again. The workshop will be here before we know it.

  2. I know it’ll be a moving experience for each. Elegant styles manifesting.
    This Fall, I’m going to Honesdale wearing my illustrator hat, and dropping poetry behind with each footprint. Since my workshop is on Halloween, maybe some of your poetry will be there to haunt me.
    Jeanne Poland

    • Dear Jeanne,
      I will miss you at the workshop! Who will keep me on schedule??? But life is like that and I’ll have to settle with all the fond memories of workshops past. PLUS, this year I’ll do my best to leave behind some poetry just for you.

  3. I treated myself to a workshop in May so my budget is happily blown, but I loved the poetry workshop last year and would recommend it most highly!

    • Hi, Deb. That’s kind of you. I appreciate the plug. We did have a good time last year and will again this time. That’s the law at The Barn.

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