Good news: Maryann is back

Maryann and Larry

Hi everyone,

On May 12, Maryann Wakefield interrupted her life, not to mention her writing career, when she tripped in her driveway and suffered head injuries. Fighting back to regain her life where it left off has been a long, hard struggle. Therapy continues but as we all know, writers don’t quit.

At this time, three months after her accident, it gives me great pleasure to share Maryann’s announcement that she’s back at work on her second book, A RAGING STORM COMING, which takes up where A GENTLE SUN COMING left off. Two days ago she gave me a sneak preview of what’s ahead, and I’m impressed. It’s going to be another good read.

Congratulations, Maryann. Thanks for the courage and for being such a role model. Thanks, Larry, for being the kind of mate she had to have throughout the worst of the ordeal and for being with her now to help in every way she needs. It’s a privilege to know you both.



16 comments on “Good news: Maryann is back

    • How true, Laura. We know five people who have fallen recently. All were women. Flip-flops were involved in at least two cases. I wonder if women’s shoes are a bit more difficult than men’s rather unimaginative flat heels.

  1. Wonderful! I’m so impressed that Maryann is back to writing already. I hope the writing is also therapeutic.

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