Who else has good news to share?

Hi everyone,

This week I mentioned new books out by J.B. Cheaney (SOMEBODY ON THIS BUS IS GOING TO BE FAMOUS) and Cheryl Harness (FLAGS OVER AMERICA). Again, congratulations to both of these wonderful talents.

I know that others have publishing news to share as well. This post is for you to offer announcements. Have a new book? Magazine story? Article? Poem accepted? Let’s hear from you. We can all celebrate with you!


20 comments on “Who else has good news to share?

  1. It’s going to be an interesting fall: 3 novels out–CENTAUR RISING (Holt/Christy Ottaviano books) : set in 1960s New England, middle grade fantasy, starred review in Booklist and a slam in Kirkus; A PLAGUE OF UNICORNS (Zonderkidz): middle grade medieval fantasy; THE LAST CHANGELING (Viking) second book of the Seelie Wars Trilogy with son Adam; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BOOK OF TRUE ANIMAL STORIES (Nation Geo, with all three of my children); a new poem in Asimov’s magazine. I have sold them a couple more poems to come out in 2014. Sold a short story with daughter Heidi to an anthology and four reprint stories to three very different anthologies.Not sure when they are coming out. Also I recorded several poems from my adult collection of political poems THE BLOODY TIDE, (HolyCow! Press) for an online storytelling blog (http://www.9thstory.com/). Signed a contract for an option of Devil’s Arithmetic for possible Broadway production (don’t hold your breath!) And just about to get the music for a concert version of some of my poems from EKATERINISLAV (Holy Cow Press book about my family’s immigrating to USA in early 1900s from the Ukraine.) As I said, an interesting fall.

    • Thank you, Jane. And all this in one season of one year in your long and prolific publishing career! What an incredible pace you keep. And aren’t we all glad! Congratulations and thanks. I’m happy you shared your upcoming news with us.

      • Wow, Jane, congratulations! It staggers the mind how someone can be not only so creative with her output, but can have the time to BE so creative. And how apropos you’re in Asimov’s magazine – you’re as prolific as he was!

      • Hi David,
        I too am looking forward to the fall. Carol-Ann Hoyte’s anthology of FOOD and Agriculture poems is slated to be released. One of my poems is featured as well as Matt’s. We are in good company.

  2. jeanne–have you tried Little Simon (Simon and Schuster), Platt and Munk, Scholastic– all of whom do board books. Also check in your local bookstores and libraries for other board books and see who published them.

  3. Hi Matt–as we both know, there is no time fairy. So we don’t wait around for someone to GIVE us time, but we beg, borrow, or even steal it if necessary! And here’s my favorite Asimov story (except for one which I shall have to tell you in person some time): When asked what he would do if he knew he had only five minutes left to live, Isaac replied, “Type faster!” My mantra indeed.

    • Ha, that sounds like something he’d say! As for time, I write whenever I’m not taking care of our two young kids or working the “real” job…so I’m doing my best!

  4. Thanks for these exciting announcements. I know from personal discussions that we have many others with poems and stories coming out this fall or in 2015 and even beyond. Let’s hear from the rest of you. Any time a writer gets published is a reason to celebrate and who else understands that better than other writers.

    • Congratulations, Steven! I know that this work is the culmination of years of thinking, writing, and refining. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. It’s been a good year for me. I will have 3 poems in Carol-Ann Hoyt’s upcoming food/agriculture anthology, a poem in Lee Bennett Hopkins’ board book anthology, “Lullaby and Sweet Kisses,” due next spring, and a poem in another anthology due out later next year. I’ve also sold my first poem to ‘Highlights,’ had a poem published in the summer issue of ‘Halcyon’ magazine, and have a couple of other poems under consideration elsewhere – plus an adult poem is being included in an anthology coming out soon.

    You could say I’ve been busy!

  6. Most recently, I licensed the use of two poems to a Texas school district. My second anthology, Dear Tomato: An International Crop of Food and Agriculture Poems, will be released this fall. (As luck would have it, 2014 is the UN’s International Year of Family Farming). Finally, I have poems currently being considered for an upcoming anthology. (I’ll be able to share more details about this later this fall).

  7. I have 3 poems in DEAR TOMATO edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte, have a poem about Fenway Park in Lee Bennett Hopkins’ AMAZING PLACES next year (or the year after), was commissioned to perform and conduct a workshop at The Poets House in NYC in November, and there’s a chance I may have a poem (or more) in another anthology a couple years from now.

    • Hey, congratulations, Charles! You’re on a roll. I’m delighted at all the successes being reported on this post. Thank you for bringing us up to date on your own!

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