Late summer blues

Hi everyone,

Yesterday the high was close to 100 for the fourth consecutive day. Our lawn is tired. Aphids are devouring our plants. Leaves on the hackberry trees are beginning to give up. A gust of wind knocks off dozens in a single breath and scatters them across the patio.

I’m a summer person. Every year at this time I watch the signs that fall will soon be here and my mood shifts. It isn’t that fall is such a bad time of year. It’s beautiful in its way. But it brings with it the promise of snow and cold nights and disagreeable days.

I know that we have weeks of great weather ahead. Weeks to enjoy walks and blooming plants and trips to lakes and streams and evenings in the yard. I think what changes for me is the sense that there is no longer all the time in the world to relax and play. Instead it’s time to step up the pace to get everything done.
Frozen 4

How can it be so blazing hot and still feel like fall is at hand? It’s those leaves on the patio, those early harbingers of changes to come.


10 comments on “Late summer blues

    • We could use it, Linda. Thanks. I’ve discovered three dead cicadas lately in the yard but haven’t heard one yet. I love their sound, in moderation.

  1. Fall is my favorite time of the year, probably because it signals school starting again, and I always see that as a new beginning. Fall days are glorious. Sweater weather is wonderful. For me, we could skip summer and go straight from spring to fall.

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