A second poem this month?

David giving brief remarks
BULLETIN: I am LOVING all these Second Chance Poems! Thanks for playing and keep it up!

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who have contributed Word of the Month poems so far in August. I’m enjoying your DOGS as well as your comments. We have four days remaining so here’s a challenge. Now that you’ve written one poem inspired by the word DOG, how about posting a second one that’s entirely different.

If you wrote your first one in verse, try one in free verse.
If your first was humorous, try one straight.
If your first was nostalgic, try one in a different voice.

Part of the fun in Word of the Month is to see how many ways poets respond to the same word. But it’s also instructive for every poet to see multiple possibilities in the same subject. I contend that one could take a single word and write a dozen poems, more.

Time is short. Don’t worry about making this your best poem ever. Just write.



4 comments on “A second poem this month?

  1. Okay, your words inspired, along with Jane’s ‘different’ look that she posted yesterday, David. It needs more, will keep it to work on it later. I have to go to work! I posted a different look at “dog” this am.

    Fido loves licking me
    Under our faded sycamore tree;
    Slobbering tongue baths, I need a mop,
    Though part of me never wants it to stop.

    (c) Charles Waters 2014 all rights reserved.

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