Brats by the lake


Hi everyone,

Last night I put brats on the grill and we enjoyed them with potato salad by the lake at twilight. Can’t seem to get around to eating any earlier and now the nights are definitely shorter.

I’m delighted by these second DOG poems being posted. Some are even better than the first ones! Yesterday, purely as an exercise, I chose a word and began listing ideas that spun off that word. I haven’t finished yet but my list quickly grew to 25. I could literally write a book inspired by that one word. Mine only had four letters in it.

For years the guideline for W.O.M. has been to post only one poem per month. That made sense when we used to vote on the poems at the end of the month and choose a winner. Now I’m thinking that there may not be a reason to limit poets who want to post more than one poem based on the same word.

September is at hand. Should we change the rules? Let me know your thoughts.



7 comments on “Brats by the lake

    • Good morning, Veda. Thanks. We love the lake and we eat outside every night we possibly can. When cold weather keeps us inside, it’s a seasonal change that I dread. We have an outdoor heater that helps keep us out as long as possible.

  1. It was about 55 here last evening; the chill has arrived! It is supposed to warm up, but this past week mother nature seems to have put us on notice that change is on its way. Your evening sounds delightful! My only thought about poem number two is that when we read the first ones, it’s motivating us to think in other ways about that word. I know we should anyway, but still, this time, it did help. Whatever you think, David, is fine with me. Have a lovely holiday weekend!

    • Brrr. A few weeks from now we’ll look back on those warm evenings of 55 but for now they seem way too cold! Thanks for your thoughts about W.O.M. Linda. I hope to hear from others too.

    • Hello, Dear Jeanne. I sure understand your feeling of being “overwhelmed by negotiations and adaptions.” Was it Gilda Radner who said, “It’s always something?”

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