Writers at Work is back

Hi everyone,

It has been a long while since Sandy Asher and I added to WRITERS AT WORK, the series in which we visit informally about various aspects of being writers. To refresh everyone’s memory of previous conversations, here’s a list of topics.


September 2010 The Care and Feeding of Ideas
October 2010 Obstacles to Writing
November 2010 Reality of Rejections
December 2010 Editorial Suggestions
January 2011 Perils and Joys of Writing in Many Genres
February 2011 Pros and Cons of Having an Agent
March 2011 Wrestling with Endings
May 2011 Dealing with Speaking Engagements
June 2011 We Get Letters – and Lots of Email, Too
January 2012 Regarding the Emperor’s New Clothes
March 2012 About this Business of Internet Publishing
June 2013 Making On-line Challenges Work for You

So now we take up the thirteenth topic: WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE? And why is this timely? Because even during the short span of these chats the publishing world has undergone changes that impact writers around the world. Living by the philosophy that there will always be a need for good writing in some form, we find ourselves constantly contemplating the market, seeking ways to peddle our peaches (as folks around here used to say).
We hope that you will join us on each of the next four Tuesdays as we post Parts 1-4 of our conversation. As always, it’s an open forum that invites comments and shared experiences. I’ll go first next week on September 9. Hope you’ll join us.

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