It’s a living

Hi everyone,

This orb spider has been making its home in our yard lately. The web, cleverly anchored to the corner of our house a few feet from the sheltering tree, is hard to see. My guess is that a good many small insects have found that true, too, and too late.

Imagine yourself a fly buzzing around looking for a nice picnic to spoil. In the distance you see a very small speck hanging in space, nothing worthy of further consideration.IMAG1623

But as you fly this way and that in the neighborhood, you can’t stop thinking about that little speck. Eventually you swing back that way and come somewhat closer. Hmm. The thing’s bigger than you first thought.IMAG1625

But what the heck. Somewhere there’s some yummy dog stuff along the curb. The odor beckons. And yet — that thing in space — what the devil could it be?

Well, you know how this ends. Anyone have a spider story or poem to share? Here’s a quickie from me.






9 comments on “It’s a living

  1. TRUE STORY (from just the other day!

    Wooly bear caterpillar
    crawling on the ground,
    I didn’t want too hurt you
    so I quickly looked around,
    and spying some nice greenery
    I thought you’d like a rest…
    I’m sorry that I tossed you
    right into a spider’s nest.

  2. True, but I still felt bad – it was a tiny little guy, and my 4-yr-old son watched me toss him into the web, and the spider immediately came over and stunned the poor thing and started wrapping it up into a cocoon of webbing! I had to explain to my son what was going on, of course, and since that day all he keeps talking about is how “daddy tossed the caterpillar into the spider web and the spider ate him up and now he’s all dead!”

    • Well there you are! You’ve been much on my mind lately, dear Pat. I quite agree that just because one creepy thing eats another creepy thing, Creepy One does not become less creepy. I think that’s some kind of law of science. XO

  3. And so I lived in a far off land
    Where spiders were bigger than your hand
    The Australian Hunstman, brown and hairy
    The darn thing looked way too scary
    To make me appreciate its role in nature!

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