I am not funny

BULLETIN: Today I am funny. One good poem in the bag. Now for two. Gulp.

Hi everyone,

I’m working into a collection of funny poems. Only so far not a single one is funny. Everything I’ve done is trite, lame, forced, common. I cannot keep any of these. I’m not feeling funny. I haven’t found my groove. It is SO hard to be funny without finding that sweet spot. How on earth do the comedians do it? They work their socks off and some come unglued from the strain.

Think about the truly funny children’s poets among us. Make a list. It’s short. Plenty of clever ones. But funny? Not so many. How do you write funny? I’ll talk about that during the workshop later this month. Being funny is serious work. The wind has to be just so, the coffee or tea or wine or sandwich perfect, the stars lined up in the right order. It’s complicated, isn’t it, being funny?

At Hallmark years ago for a brief time we had a comic genius on the writing staff. He was a former cab driver, restless, talkative, always on his feet. He’d wander around the department all day, interrupting other writers, telling jokes, apparently stealing time from the company.

Then at some point he’d sit down and jot off something so zany and off the wall you just had to laugh and share it with everyone else. How the devil did he do that? I finally had to run him off, and I hated it. He just could not fit in; maybe he never did anywhere. Sometimes I think about him and wonder what happened to him. He was so funny.

But back to me. After all, it is my blog. And I’m not funny. At least not today. Tomorrow I might be. It just didn’t happen today. And that, my friends, is no laughing matter.



15 comments on “I am not funny

    • Greetings, Dear Heart, and thank you for the suggestions, not to mention your links. Today is indeed a funnier, therefore better, day.

  1. Oftentimes “funny” is achieved at the expense of someone else….we laugh even though we know we shouldn’t…..and you would not be content with that “easy” humor….and that’s a GOOD thing!

    • So right, Freda. Humor at someone else’s expense is a cruel joke. If it’s not funny for everyone involved, it’s just not funny.

  2. David if you want to read something funny go back to August (If I remember correctly) word of the month “Dog.” Read my poem, for the mistakes will make you laugh.
    I wrote the word “his” twice in one sentences and spelled “introduce” incorrect. I looked in the mirror this morning and had a great belly laugh or I had a great belly laugh when I looked in the mirror this morning. Playing with words and sentences.

    • Sorry to be slow to spot your comment, pal Cheryl. I must have been off somewhere looking for my funnybone. And I found it!

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