Days of magnificent dawns

Hi everyone,

Is it me or do sunrises this time of year have a flair that we don’t see in other seasons? I went out the other morning to catch this spider web over our favorite lakeside table (apparently it likes the view there too).IMAG1633

I then turned slightly to my left and caught this shot.IMAG1631

Wishing you spectacular sunrises this weekend.



3 comments on “Days of magnificent dawns

  1. David: This morning I walked around a corner of my house and right into one of those webs. Had to go to some lengths to get the sticky stuff off me. But to your question, perhaps you are on to something. This is my favorite time of year. I love the good tomatoes, the first apples, the cool nights. Now I’ll watch for the sunrises.

  2. That’s beautiful! The spiders cool too!! Too bad your little friend can’t meet our! They both have great taste in hang-outs!

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