Off to Honesdale

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the jerk who messed up so many travel plans, my flight through Chicago was cancelled. My wife and son manned two computers and tracked down various alternatives before eventually getting me scheduled to land in Allentown on Friday. I should reach The Barn in time to get settled in before dinner, an improvement over the original flight on United. I’m sad to report that one of our poets had to cancel her own plans to attend because of the same problems in getting through Chicago.

I’m excited about this year’s workshop and will try to stay in touch while I’m there. Please forgive me if I’m slow at times.

I was flattered to be one of the five Missouri statewide finalists for this year’s Paul Morris Community Service Award. We attended the Missouri School Board Association banquet on Saturday evening at Tan-Tar-A. It was a lovely event. I was blessed to have Sandy, Robin, Jeff, Tim, and Kris there with me for moral support.


One comment on “Off to Honesdale

  1. My son was in Chicago all week for work and was to return Friday evening. He got home Sunday afternoon. I’m delighted you got to PA in plenty of time. And congrats on being a finalist for the service award. Enjoy the Barn. Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher.

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