Hi everyone,

To celebrate our 5th anniversary of Word of the Month Poetry Challenge, let’s go with SPREE. I think that’s a fine word to mark such a milestone. Please join the fun throughout October with your poems, comments, and words of support and encouragement. We’ve come a long way, babies!

This month feel free to post as many poems as you are moved to write. The more the merrier. Tell everyone you know. Use your own bully pulpits. Urge all those teachers out there who have been putting off posting their students’ work because of so many pressing duties to join. During this one month, squeeze in some pure fun for the kids!



9 comments on “It’s SPREE

  1. I LOVE the word! Thank you, Linda, for suggesting SPREE. It’s the ideal word to mark your fifth anniversary. David, as we limber up, unleash our muse, and go on a poetry-writing s p r e e .

  2. Hey David,
    I was already to leave a SPREE poem but when I went to the WOW page it is still on Sept. I guess I’ll just have to wait for Oct. to write another…

    If I was a squirrel
    and you were the tree,
    would you hold all the treasure
    from my acorn spree?

    I’m having fun playing with this IF I WAS.. template on my blog at

    Have fun in Honesdale.

  3. kemosabe
    bark up wrong tree
    climbing spree

    styled a weird goatie
    clipping spree

    strummed fancy free

    off key
    played me
    discord spree

    jubilee-cup of tea
    glee spree

    Jeanne Poland

    • And we thank you, Jeanne. How good to hear from Cory, Joy, and Jeanne — all part of our original family four years ago. I’m loving it.

  4. Hummingbird’s Hello

    She with golden threads
    Wives the world’s hello
    A nest of friendship
    Upon braches of our lives

    Poem By Jessica Bihi

  5. Going on a Spree

    I love sprees.
    How well I spend
    Time and money
    Without end.

    I barge in, bargain,
    buy–and how!
    Here’s my slogan:
    Spreedom now!

    ©2014 Jane Yolen All rights reserved

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