Off and running!

Back view of The Barn at dusk

Hi everyone,

The leaves have turned in this area. My ride in from Allentown Monday afternoon was spectacular. First thing I did was take a short walk to settle into the serenity and beauty of the place. This year’s workshop poets assembled for dinner that evening. The food (thank you, Chef Joseph!) was wonderful, as always.

I am extremely impressed by the multitalented people who enrolled in this year’s workshop. Tuesday was full. We met for breakfast at 7:30, went straight into the first session, and didn’t stop all day. During the main sessions we discussed free verse, verse, humor, and marketing. After dinner John Farrell entertained us with his delightful songs and sense of humor. I got back to my room at 9:30.

Today will be another busy one with Skype appearances from Jane Yolen and Kenn Nesbitt and a session led in person by Highlights poetry editor, Rebecca Davis. This evening Liz VanDoren will join us for dinner and share a few thoughts with the group. Did I mention the food? Wow!

Away we go!


11 comments on “Off and running!

    • Hi Laura,
      It is indeed a lovely, exciting time for everyone involved. A workshop at The Barn is a special experience.

    • Hi, Matt. Tonight after dinner we sat around the fire on the patio and relaxed. Earlier we were visited by Liz Van Doren who shared remarks. An old friend, Beth Troop, a former BMP editor who now teaches seventh grade, also came by for dinner and a good visit. I loved the evening.

  1. Does sound like so much fun, and productive too. Wish everyone well and good writing. I miss being there this year. Did you have Matt’s S’mores? Hope you all are laughing.

  2. Let me revise that without errors! I never fail to wonder at the bonds and memories made at these workshops. How that first message got so contorted, I don’t know. I love the fireplace, and am looking forward to the warmth of it and the warmth of friendship and poetry in a few weeks!

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