The need to write

Hi everyone,

Today we wrap up another poetry workshop at The Barn. As always happens the poets who came here to meet and work together and share their work formed a bond that undoubtedly will last. Laying bare one’s personal hopes and dreams is not an easy thing to do. Reading one’s poetry before a group of strangers takes courage. Those of you who have attended workshops know this well.

I’m impressed, not only by the people who participated in this year’s event but by the Highlights Foundation folks who make each workshop seem so natural and inviting. My thanks to everyone.

I’ve read a lot of good poems over the past few days. Made new friends, visited old ones. I leave with a full heart and several pounds of satisfaction.


11 comments on “The need to write

  1. I remember well, the last day, when the bags are packed, the farewells are said, the Barn and cabins empty … It seems like a dream, but the memories are real.
    Safe trip home to everyone.

    • Sigh. Time to put away the pens, take a few last pictures, sit at the table together for the last time, and return to our other worlds, Jeanne. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. I missed your timekeeping skill on a number of occasions!!

  2. I finally made it home, David, no glitches, but a long day! I was sorry to leave early, and will do more to express my gratitude, but thank you, because this time, like last time, was truly a memory that will last. Hope NYC is a marvelous time for you & the family, too! Joy, Cory, Matt & Jeanne, missed you too!

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