It’s October! Our 5th Anniversary!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been talking about this for quite a while. October marks the 5th anniversary of Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. I’ve published the list of those who have shared at least one poem over these past five years. It’s a long list.

We’ve chosen the word for this month: SPREE. Thank you, Linda! Now let’s see how many attend this reunion of old and new contributors. Wouldn’t it be fun to see 100 poets post their work inspired by this single word?

Oh how I hope that teachers will come back to us this month with poems written by their students. We miss the kids!

Let’s do it. Let’s go on a poetry spree.


8 comments on “It’s October! Our 5th Anniversary!

  1. Spree-licious

    Spread the word–
    we’ve sprayed the world,
    we’ve spracked the ground
    banners unfurled.
    We’ve sparkled plenty,
    to spreevent
    bad rhyming poems
    too quickly sent.

    We’ve sprawled and crawled
    the Internet,
    and spreached at everyone
    we ‘ve met.
    So what I’ve here
    for all too see:
    a masterpiece
    of poet-spree.

    ©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Dear Jane,
      Your spree-licious poem is the perfect way to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Thank you for setting the standard for a month long poet-spree!

  2. You’d think I would have one ready since I contributed the word. With all the inspiration last week, I’d better get on this “poet-spree”, inspired by Jane! Congratulations on five years!

  3. Rhyming Spree

    May I suggest a rhyming spree
    for you and me?
    We’ll rhyme the sun with everyone.
    We’ll rhyme the earth with merry mirth.
    We’ll rhyme the sky with Hi! Goodbye!
    You and I

    I started this on the way home from the Highlights Foundation workshop–what a wonderful, inspiring time we had! Thank you!

    • Thanks, JoAnn! Just the sort of thing to get folks rhyming and dancing!

      And yes, we did have a good time together at The Barn. So glad you came.


    S-P-R-E-E spells “spree” —
    A bacchanalian splurge.
    A jubilee, a jamboree,
    A rabble-rousing surge,
    A revel, rip, a riot, a lark,
    A wing-ding, shindig, jag
    As long as Spree will be
    Spelled S-P-R-E-E.
    And that’s forever.

    ©2014 Steven Withrow, all rights reserved

    • Greetings, Steven. I’m delighted to see you here again. Thank you for joining in to celebrate the blog’s Anniverspree. Much appreciated!! Let the bacchanalian splurge proceed.

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