Back on Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Chicago is still a mess. The tower there calls the shots when plans from other cities can arrive, which backs up flights and stalls passengers all over the country. After all this time, schedules are still in chaos and will remain so for another week they say.

We were delayed out of LaGuardia for more than an hour and arrived in Chicago with ten minutes to make our connection home. It was easily a .2 mile fast hike pulling luggage behind us. We got to our gate seconds after it had closed our flight. I guess we looked so winded and pitiful that the sweet young woman behind the counter managed to reopen and get us on board. We still didn’t believe we’d made it until we were safely in the air. In the future I’ll think hard before booking anything through Chicago.

I loved my time in Honesdale with the wonderful group of poets who came to this year’s workshop. And New York was, as always, an exhausting, exhilarating (sticker-shocking) experience. I had good visits with editors and came away with some good ideas. We saw BOOK OF MORMON and laughed out loud so hard and often that we missed some of the lines. Sandy and I saw LOVE LETTERS and I recommend that highly too. IMAG1741 The picture is of a boulder outcropping in Central Park. You can see the grooves left by an ice sheet that covered New York during the last glaciation. Pretty cool.

Now of course I’m behind on all fronts. I will, during the coming week or two, do my best to clear the tangles, respond to those I owe, complete committed tasks, and get back on schedule. I’ve been to Chicago. I know how to do it.