The centipede


Hi everyone,

One evening at our poetry workshop Linda Baie brought a sackful of trinkets and spread them on a coffee table. Everyone was invited to take as many as they wished and use them as inspiration for a poem. I didn’t have time to finish mine before I left but here’s my offering to the effort, with thanks to Linda and fond memories of Poetry for the Delight of It, 2014.

The Centipede
David L. Harrison

No need to speed to intercede,
A centipede can neither read
Nor heed indeed if you should plead.
The centipede’s a greedy breed,
Its creed is neither seed nor weed,
It leads a bug to feed its need.
Never leaves until it’s peed.
Crude indeed the centipede.

12 comments on “The centipede

  1. Thanks for the mention, David. It was fun to do, along with all our other prompt ideas.As I said before, the poem is delightful. Love that “peed”. Hope you had a wonderful time in Warrensburg!

    • You’re most welcome, Linda. I should also mention again our thanks for your winning suggestion for this month’s Word of the Month: SPREE. I need to get cracking on my spree poem before long.

  2. The centipede’s a real strange creature,
    Too many legs his central feature.
    If ever he stops to count them all,
    I fear he’ll take a dreadful fall.

    ©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Thanks, Deborah. To borrow from another of my poems, “They say of friends they haven’t any/But why then are there so many?”

  3. Fun poem, David! You inspired me, as well:

    Bug Math

    If one could take a centipede
    and cross it with a millipede,
    would we have a brand-new breed
    of leggy bug, the micropede?

    – © 2014, Matt Forrest Esenwine

  4. Okay, I feel a bit defensive, so here goes, kudos to all the word crafters, but this centipede needs a bit of love, too:

    The centipede, without dismay
    demands applause in a special way.
    Its many legs help it refine
    the one-bug musical chorus line

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