Poetry chapter completed

Honesdale, David

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished the new poetry chapter for IRA’s 4th edition of CHILDREN’S LITERATURE IN THE READING PROGRAM. I received the invitation to write it in January and started the work shortly after. When my editor said she was sending it to typesetting, those were sweet words indeed. I also wrote the poetry chapter for the 3rd edition of the book so part of my challenge was to find fresh material to present in this one. The main thing is to give teachers plenty of tips they can take directly into their classrooms. I think I got it done. We’ll find out when the print version is published in December or January. Sometime after that the individual chapters will probably be made available electronically.

Today I’ll get back to a picture book story written by Cynthia Pederson. As this year’s MO SCBWI picture book mentor I chose Cynthia’s story and look forward to working with her. She’s a good writer and her story has much going for it. I’ve made my notes so it’s time to contact her and have an initial chat.


3 comments on “Poetry chapter completed

  1. I second Deborah’s comments. And how lucky teachers and children everywhere who get to benefit from your work!
    David, I love the photograph. Brings back memories of our group of eight + 1 at the beautiful farm house.(Somebody Ought to Write a Poem)

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